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Because your shoes are unique,
why not customize them?
For a shoe lover, what could be more beautiful than a pair that looks like you and is totally unique. The Zorzetto house has in its DNA this desire to fulfill the desires of its customers with two new services 100% made in Paris.

Patina and Glaze
made in Paris

For the patina of your Zorzetto shoes, we carry out our own technical preparation, totally artisanal and carried out by hand and with brushes in our workshops in Paris in order to obtain the desired color and effect (price 175 euros)< /p>

Concerning the icing, this operation will allow you to obtain nuances of tints on your shoes with very shiny icing effects, generally located on the tip of the shoe and on the buttress (price 70 euros).

How does it work?

It's very simple.

We can choose with you and advise you on the patina of your dreams when buying a new pair.

You can bring one of your Philippe Zorzetto pairs to the store, we will do a diagnosis and we can give it a second life or change the color you got tired of.

You can also order our patina service on the internet with an appointment in store.

For a patina: price 175 euros
For a glaze: price 70 euros
Deadline: one week to recover your shoes.

The list of patina shades

  • Tan mango
  • Black
  • Blue jeans
  • Navy blue
  • Purple blueberry
  • Green grass
  • Gray
  • Dark tan tan
  • Red red
  • Yellow

Of course all of our teams are there to advise you, do not hesitate to contact us at our points of sale or by email