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Philippe Zorzetto

Philippe Zorzetto 2021

Founded in Paris, inspired by the city and the people who make it a city, Philippe Zorzetto’s company launched a brand of shoes and accessories (men, women, and unisex) in 2008.

After having studied law and political science, this amateur of fine materials and unique universes left everything to follow his passion and become a designer. One day, he found a shoe last that had previously served his Italian grandfather. Inspired, he turned to the creative world of design and fashion. He began to design, to invent. He now shoes amateurs of quality footwear.

Ever aiming for durability and excellence, his handcrafted shoes in natural French leathers are made in workshops in France, Italy, and Spain. They contribute to perpetuating Old World knowhow and craftsmanship.

In his search for timelessness and simplicity of line, Philippe captures the latest trends, and brings elegance to a nonchalance that is typically French. He offers a fresh aesthetic that is pure and daring.

With passions for cinema, music, and Paris itself, his view of the city takes both a poetic and an underground focus on the very people who inspire him. All of these facets shine bright in his unique models, each with tales to be told.