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Our heels wish you well

Nos talons vous veulent du bien
Our discussions to understand your needs have always been fundamental to me.
And what always comes out first is your demand for comfort, including in the heels.
Indeed, not easy to gain a little height while being very comfortable and comfortable.
It is true that offering heels that are both pretty and stable is far from simple.
It is essential for me and I like to take up this challenge.
What is a comfortable heel?

For me, it's not at all theoretical but physical.

All models are worn and tried on before being produced, allowing corrections to be made if necessary.
Of course I choose heels with a certain foundation which also correspond to my taste for vintage, the 60s and 70s, but not only.
Naturally, the handmade and blake-stitched construction contributes to comfort.
The line of my drawing remains clean and elegant.
I offer several heel heights.
New this season is the heel of the Emma boots and our sandals.
A 7cm heel which is amazing because it really feels like you're on flat ground.
The strength of this heel is that it is flared and wider.
It's also a very modern heel, I find it really elegant.
One of the new iconic heels is the heel found on the Mike model for girls.
It is a 4 cm heel, slightly bevelled.
Very clearly he has rock DNA.
It is also a pleasure of comfort.
Boys are not left out since the collection includes the Cuban heel which is the rock heel par excellence with its 5 cm.
Heel not beveled and ultra comfortable.
It's very rare to find a rock model with a construction made by hand with sewn soles.
It was very complicated for my craftsmen to develop this model which was very far from their culture.
Today it is one of the central models of my collections.
Last born, the heel for our new 5 cm sandals.
This heel is extremely comfortable, it is not beveled with an extraordinary seat.
If you like it, I think it will become one of my classics.
I'm working on new heels for the next seasons.
Have questions? Do not hesitate to write to me.
Thank you and above all, keep your Zorzetto shoes of course.

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Faisons ensemble un tour dans mes adresses préférées du Haut du Marais ?

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