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An icon, an inspiring style

Une icône, un style inspirant
Today, I have chosen to talk to you about the inimitable, totally 70s and hippie style of the French actress Miou-Miou.
For me, Miou-Miou is above all the film "Les Valseuses", which at the time was a real shock and upheaval in French cinema. It's on my long list of cult movies.
Miou-Miou is the embodiment of this libertarian era, post 68 when women freed themselves from the shackles of society, and we find this desire for freedom in the style of Miou-Miou.
His style is always inspiring and in tune with the times.
Miou-Miou is above all a hair color and a disheveled-coiffed scientist. Never wise bangs that highlight her look.
You will never find a photo of Miou-Miou in this period of the 70s, with a lack of taste. What I find really incredible is this freedom, this joy that emanates from her.
It's as if she had invented the silhouette of the chic, natural and mischievous hippie woman.
I really like this photo with Julien Clerc, she is wearing a pretty and classic black dress but she wears it breaks by wearing it barefoot with this pink flower.
In this photo still accompanied by Julien Clerc, she wears a very 70s look with her petticoat probably mottled.
A look that has become a summer classic over time.
She dares the red fake fur coat. Ultra avant-garde at that time, colored faux fur is now very trendy and it will be found in many designers in the next season.
The pink straw hat with an ethnic jewel.
A great idea to accessorize a look that's a little too wise.
The little crocheted dress, probably mottled and that she must wear barefoot.
As you have seen, I have a great affection for Miou-Miou and for this era.
What is most inspiring and irresistible is her smile in almost every photo with grace and naturalness.

If we recap, her "must haves" are:
Her blonde hair
Chicken dresses
Her bare feet
Her smile
Does she inspire you too?
I'll be back next month with an inspiring and iconic new personality.

I won't tell you more, in the meantime wear well and stay well-shod :)

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