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Take care of your shoes in two minutes

Entretenir ses chaussures en deux minutes
Yes, you can maintain your shoes regularly in two minutes.

First the mistakes not to make.
1st mistake: never polish your shoes under the pretext that the leather is of good quality and resistant (a leather shoe, however qualitative it may be, must be maintained)

2nd mistake: polish thoroughly but once a year (what matters is regularity)

3rd error: using seal type greases etc (too greasy and not suitable for leather).
4th error: waterproofing the leather but not waxing it (for quality leathers this is useless).
What minimum material?
A colorless moisturizer (famaco type)
A soft cloth
A shoe polish (tone on tone)
My quick tips:

Use a cloth to remove any dirt on your shoe.

Put some moisturizer on your cloth (2-3 grains of rice on each shoe). Rub well until the leather absorbs the cream.
Repeat several times if necessary, if you haven't waxed your pair for too long.
No need to spend more than a minute or two!

This should be done once a week. The more regularly you do it, the faster it is.
Once a month, use in addition some colored shoe polish which will give a boost to your pair. What matters is regularity.

Maintenance of nubuck?
Commonly called "suede" Nubuck sometimes has a bad reputation, reputed to be more fragile, this is not entirely true.
With a suede eraser and a suede renovator, spray the renovator evenly on your shoe, it will recolor and waterproof your shoes.
It's very simple and fast! You have small stains, apply the spray can and then use the suede eraser.

You will see, nubuck leather is very resistant and easy to maintain.

And the sneakers then ?

You can also wax your sneakers with a colorless moisturizer and spray the restorer on the nubuck.
And the leather soles?

For the leather soles (especially sewn), I invite you to put on a small pad, precisely to avoid the inconvenience of humidity. The pad will protect the leather from the rain.

You need to have worn your pair for two or three weeks for the sole to be a little worn and for the pad (rubber or leather) to adhere better.

Here, I hope this email will have helped you.

I wish you a beautiful day, above all stay well-shod, in Zorzetto of course :)

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