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Le Talon Cubain, l'ADN Pop Rock

Le Talon Cubain, l'ADN Pop Rock

The Cuban heel is a 5 cm heel, like a cowboy boot, but it is not beveled and therefore much more stable and practical. Do not ask me what is the link with Cuba, I do not know! What is certain is that it accompanied the outfits of rock and pop culture icons of the 60s and 70s such as Bob Dylan, Jimmy Hendrix a lot , Mick Jagger but also Steve McQueen or Jean-Paul Belmondo.

The Cuban heel has been a staple in my collections since the beginning. Aujourd'hui vous pouvez le retrouver sur les modèles de boots Mario et Lily, and on new models in preparation for the start of the school year.

More than ever, it is in tune with the times, since it has not escaped your notice that trousers are tending to become looser at the end of the decade. After the slim, whose reign lasted more than 10 years, the 2020s will be more flared, let it be said! This is why the Cuban heel is perfectly suited to the new silhouettes, which tend to resemble those of the 70s. And I love it, I must admit!

And you? When do you let yourself be seduced?

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