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La Grande Sophie

La Grande Sophie

The Big Sophia

For this third appointment of "La mode et moi", I am very happy to talk this time with a girl, about clothes, style, shoes and, in my opinion, music . So, if I tell you that she received two Victoire de la Musique awards in 2005 and 2013, and that she worked with icons like Françoise Hardy. That I have also seen it several times in concert and that I can tell you that it really is a beast of the stage, that it is big and not simply by its size. In short, you may have recognized it. I am happy to receive the Grande Sophie.

Philippe: Hello, Sophie.

Sophie: Hello.

P: For twenty years now you have occupied a special place - from my point of view - in the French music scene. Since your beginnings, what do you think has changed in music?

S: A lot of things, I think… the way of communicating, already.

P: Networks social?

S: Of course, in the beginning, I was doing my leaflets, when I gave my first concerts in bars, in small squat places… I went to the photocopier, I drew my photo, I photocopied it, I stuck my texts on it and then I cut out and distributed them at the end of the concerts.

P: Did you start like that?

S: Yes, I started like that, and I sang in very small places.

P: And you started to be interested in social networks from when?

S: In fact, I I had the chance to live with someone who is into computers and who is still a "geek". He taught me to use a computer and to be very independent in my music. Thanks to that, I started making music on the computer, to put all my ideas into it. However, that didn't stop me from working with other musicians and directors. I am an autodidact.

P: Technology is freedom?

S: Yes of course.

P: I met you in my shop by chance and I was very happy about it because I like your pop-rock career, your subtle universe and also your lyrics. When you were a young girl and dreamed of singing. Who influenced you? Who were your icons in your personal pantheon?

S: I knew what I wanted to do from childhood. I always knew I wanted to sing. I also always said that I wanted to sing for my parents, for my friends. As soon as I started playing the guitar at age 9, I started composing. And since I was 9 years old, I think I identified with other children who were singing at the time. There was Nikka Costa, she was my age, she was American so she sang in English.And I would spend hours in my room doing it again (I didn't speak any English at the time).

P: It's amazing because I thought you had icons that you were going to quote myself, like Françoise Hardy or women who wrote.
S: I'm talking to you about childhood. I was 9 years old. So, when I was 9, I picked up a Sylvie Vartan record and there was a song that I really liked called "Irresistiblement". On a small keyboard, I redid the melody with one finger, it was as if it were Bercy in my room.

P: (laughs)

S: Afterwards I grew up … Françoise Hardy, I listened to it, but later in my student room at the Beaux-Arts. I know Françoise Hardy because my mother had her records, but I also had to assert myself on the side of my personal tastes. I went to see U2 in concert on my 18th birthday and it was the one with UB42 and the Pretenders. I saw Chrissie Hynde and I only saw her. I was fascinated.

P: There is a real correlation between you.

S: It was a shock and it confirmed what I wanted, to pursue music and get on scene, having a band even if I had one, from the age of 13.

P: The image is important for an artist. The photo from an album, the outfit on stage. Is there a big difference between your performance outfits and your everyday looks, or do you dress the same?

S: There are a lot of differences because I noticed that I only wear dresses on stage, while I hardly ever wear them on a daily basis.

P: And there is an explanation?

S: I have the impression of moving better in a dress... But recently, I like the androgynous look with a large jacket à la Patti Smith or also à la Françoise Hardy.

P: Her look from the 80s and 90s ?

S: I like it on stage, I don't know why, but I love glitter.I love anything that glitters. It's true that on stage I change a bit and in life I wear less glitter, although I wear a little more now.

P: The glitter is in the head.

S: That's it (laughs).

P: And besides in life, what is your relationship to fashion? Are you a fashion victim or not that much?

S: No, I don't remember the names of brands, I follow my instincts and I believe that's what's important in fashion. is to know what suits you. Now I know what suits me better, at least better than before.

P: Did you learn through your job or work with stylists? How is it going?

S: I have a manager who has been following me for a long time and her look is important.
And yes, I have also met stylists, but each time it's the look of my manager that takes precedence. She is quite direct with me, we tell each other everything. It's also good to try what we are offered and then to see if I keep it or not, because there are things I would never have thought of. I had in my clip "Martin" a skirt with a lion's head. I never thought I would one day wear it. But I still keep it, I like to bring my stage outfits to life.

P: Does that mean that you wear your stage outfits afterwards in life?

S: When I am on vacation.I put on my outfits that I wore on stage yes, I know that I will not put them back on stage, that I will have news.

P: So you appropriate them in the end?< br>
S: I don't want to let them die and it's a way of debunking it, it's just a garment that can just be worn.

P: From elsewhere in the how do you define your style? Do you define it by the way?

S: How do I define my style? I'm comfortable in a slightly androgynous look, but with a touch of femininity too. Femininity, I see it a little in the sequins but it may be wrong because a man who wears sequins, I like that too. I like the balloon sleeves, I like the little details that make it mine, that it's something I don't want to part with, that I'm going to want to put back on.

P: Do you buy on the Internet or not so much?

S: Not so much, I prefer to try because the cut is very important, but recently with the confinement I flashed on a sweater with sleeves balloon and I was able to order it and it fits me. (laughs) But otherwise I prefer to go to the store. I'd rather try.

P: I know you value shoes that you like to be comfortable and feel comfortable in. What do you think of a nice pair of shoes?

S: I like a pair of shoes when the heels arch. I don't like shoes that are too straight. Shoes that don't make big feet either. I'm tall. I have everything big, the shoe size is also big…

P: And do you rather wear Boots, Brogues, Sneakers?

S: I really like boots, I I have a lot of them and I really like the ones that come from you with a small heel.

P: The ideal heel for you is 4-5 cm?

S: Yes , 4-5 cm.But 5 maximum because afterwards I have cramps. And then, a small heel is enough to give momentum to the silhouette. I particularly like the ones that come from your house with a drape. They have this little detail that gives elegance, and then there are also the leopard ankle boots, which have a lot of fantasy. As I also wear a lot of black, it gives a touch of sparkle to your outfit.

P: I would like to point out that Sophie arrived with a leopard raincoat today and it was cool . So tall Sophie loves the leopard.

S: Yes, the leopard is a lot of fantasy and I have a lot of it. I also have a faux leopard fur bumbag, of course it's fake.
P: Sophie will show you all that on social media (laughs). Besides, with your business, are you rather careful or not at all? Do you take time to care for your shoes?

S: Not really, but once in a while I give it a little nudge. As I live with someone who knows shoe polish well, from time to time I have to be up to it. (laughs) I must say that I really like the smell.

P: But what is it on average? Every month?

S: It depends, there are pairs of shoes that I wear every day and then I want to move on, and I'll bring them out in two months. So at that point I give a little shine.

P: A lot of customers have told me that taking care of their shoes relieves them of stress.

S : I understand, but I often clean them at the last minute. What I like, however, is that as I have the chance to travel a lot, when I go to hotels there are devices with brushes.
I love it, putting my foot in it (laughs).

P: By the way, do you have any advice for people who read us to feel good about themselves?< br>
S: To feel good about yourself? An advice ? Already you have to choose your pair of pumps, of course. You have to try it, so I advise people to go to the store, it's always better and… What advice could I give to feel good about yourself? I don't know, that's hard. I'm the type, I don't know if it's advice, to always keep a little sock on, even if it means putting on a little sole too.

P: Comfort, above all.

S: I'm chilly so I like to have warm feet because often you catch cold there, so the little sock is important. Always keep your little sock on.

P: Last question already: When will we be able to see you on stage?

S: The tour has already been interrupted twice due to confinement and the virus, the tour is postponed to the end of April. So we will finish it in April. I hope we'll be able to get back on stage quickly.

P: We all want to find the artists on stage because we really need them.

S: I think that in these anxiety-provoking, very anxiety-provoking times, it is necessary. When I resumed in October I saw people come back to life, get together with my team and the public, it's an incredible breath of fresh air.

P: Do you think that when we're going to go back to the concerts, are they going to be crazy concerts like we've never seen? Where is everyone going to let go?

S: So I think it's going to be pretty gradual, because I think people can really let go only when they're out of masks and when they don't. there will be more distance. I hope they are not used to the network concert, where the artist is alone behind the screen of his laptop giving a concert...I hope we won't get used to that because it really scares me.

P: I don't think so, because we will always need to have collective contact in a room concert and see the artist in front interact with the crowd.

S: It's important. The relationship with the public, I like to see the looks of people, which makes each concert different. In each city, people do not react in the same way. There are people who will want to sing right away, people who will want to listen to lyrics, and people who start dancing. All of this can only be found in a theater.

P: Absolutely. Thank you very much Sophie.

S: Thank you.

P: We will meet again very soon with another artist while waiting, see you soon and above all, stay well dressed with the socks of the great Sophie .

S: There, you made a pun that is hard to recite: keep your shoes on with the Archduchess's socks… (laughs)

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